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5 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Page


With 2 billion active monthly users, Facebook is the world's largest social network. But don't let the term "social network" steer you away from the fact that it can help your business i growing and reaching out to new customers.

The mistake I see quite often is people abandoning their Facebook page(s) shortly after creating it. Simply having a page on Facebook is not enough to help your company grow and if you are not going to use it properly, you're better off not being on Facebook at all as it can actually become more disadvantageous.

The 5 Ways to Optimize Your Page

  1. Claim Your URL:  You need to claim your custom Facebook URL (also known as the Facebook Vanity URL). Search engines heavily weight URLs in their search algorithm so include your brand name and even a keyword (if possible) when claiming your custom URL.
  2. Choose the Best Name:   As tempting as it may be to jam a bunch of related keywords into your Facebook page name, it can actually hurt your growth rate inside Facebook. (e.g. DON'T: "John's Cafe - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Catering")
  3. Strategic Keywords:  Having the right keywords are important but what's more important is having them in the right places. Like traditional websites, keyword optimization plays an important role in on-site SEO. The 3 main areas to pay special attention to are the About, Mission, and Company Description. These are the areas that are actually pulled from your Facebook page as SEO element.
  4. Backlinking:  According to Google, your page becomes more authoritative with more inbound links which also helps you rank higher. When possible, it is best to include a link to your Facebook page from other social and/or digital platforms such as your website, blog, Instagram bio, LinkedIn, etc. You can also create backlinks through other websites (e.g. Guest blogging and linking your page from that brand's blog)
  5. Status Updates:  The next time you see Facebook's "Write something..." prompt when getting ready to make a post, keep in mind that the next 18 characters serve as the meta description. And many people either choose to click or scroll based on those 18 characters.

Final Thoughts

If you take it seriously and really utilize all the features that Facebook pages offer, you'll be able to learn more about your customers, communicate with them, develop a loyal fan base, increase your search engine rankings, beat your competition, and the best part—Facebook is FREE.

But with all these capabilities comes responsibilities. You need to make sure that once you create your Facebook page, you will stay active and consistent with it. A stagnant page can give your business a bad name but that doesn't mean spamming because that's an easy way to lose customers too. So log in to your Facebook and start optimizing your page!

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