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20 Words to Use in Advertising/Marketing

"The Father of Advertising," that's David Ogilvy—advertising executive and copywriter in the 1900's. Ogilvy created some of the world's most iconic marketing campaigns and below is a list of the 20 words this legend published in 1963 that have proven to be the most influential in his campaigns:

  1.  Suddenly
  2.  Now
  3.  Announcing
  4.  Introducing
  5.  Improvement
  6.  Amazing
  7.  Sensational
  8.  Remarkable
  9.  Revolutionary
  10.   Startling
  11.   Miracle
  12.   Magic
  13.   Offer
  14.   Quick
  15.   Easy
  16.   Wanted
  17.   Challenge
  18.   Compare
  19.   Bargain
  20.   Hurry

Take advantage of these words, it can make the difference between success and failure in your advertising/marketing campaigns. Use them in your slogan, ad copy, headlines, even email subject lines!

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