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Digital Marketing on a Budget: 2018 Trends


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As we know, marketing is an integral part of any business. In years gone by, this meant expensive projects of advertising on the TV or perhaps even paying for billboards. For the longest time, this meant marketing was a practice available only to the companies with the most money. Today, we live in a world full of opportunities and I’ve got some ‘marketing on a budget’ trends you’ll need to know as we get ever-closer to 2018! 

Videos Capture the Attention and Imagination 

Digital Marketing on a Budget - Aaron Drexler - Euvoia Labs

First and foremost, just as many experts have been saying over the past year, videos still rule the internet…but their effect is only going to get stronger as time goes on. With YouTube, we have a superb way to talk to your audience directly while showing a tutorial on how to use your products. However, it’s social media where the video trend really comes to life. 

As you may have noticed, companies are now producing more videos on Facebook and Twitter than ever before and this is for a good reason; it works. Since everybody seems to be doing it, you need to go above and beyond with your content. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to spend thousands of dollars because videos recorded on an iPhone can be just as effective so long as you create a video that’s interesting, useful, or funny.

Digital Marketing on a Budget - Aaron Drexler - Euvoia Labs
Digital Marketing on a Budget - Aaron Drexler - Euvoia Labs

Before I move on, we should also mention the power of Facebook Live. Whether you’re at an event, showing the behind-the-scenes tour of your office, or making an announcement, Facebook Live allows direct communication with your followers and makes your brand more personable…which leads nicely to the second trend for 2018.

Customers Want Personalization

With the introduction of smartphones, tablets, live chat functions on websites, and various other pieces of hardware/software, we were having great fun at first. Now, the whole process of ordering online without ever talking to anybody is, dare we say it, a little old and many shoppers are looking for that personal interaction once again. If you can do this in 2018, you’ll be seen as the ideal solution. 

Digital Marketing on a Budget - Aaron Drexler - Euvoia Labs

In your marketing strategy, you should be looking to utilize social media to interact with customers, answer questions, and even ASK questions. Just by asking for their opinion on a product or particular feature, your customers can get involved and they soon feel a sense of loyalty towards your brand. Luckily, for those on a budget, this all comes at no cost thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. 

Customers Want Honesty

Digital Marketing on a Budget - Aaron Drexler - Euvoia Labs

Regardless of how you wish to spend your budget, I advise acting with honesty and integrity. With the many scams in the world today, and even with brands having ulterior motives in everything they do, customers are looking for just one thing; honesty. To achieve trust and credibility, you should act with transparency and this is especially true with social media influencers. If there’s a paid advertisement, make sure the audience knows otherwise they feel as though they’re being used for their custom. 

Be Clever 

Finally, be willing to think outside the box and push the boundaries to beat your competitors. Whether it’s publishing content on your website, interacting on social media, running competitions, collaborating with complementary services, creating videos, sending newsletters, offering referral programs, utilizing SEO, or anything you do away from the internet, it only takes one magic moment to become the leader in the market.

Digital Marketing on a Budget - Aaron Drexler - Euvoia Labs

If you can use the simple tips I’ve provided today, marketing won’t need to break the bank and your business can move forward in 2018!

Please feel free to leave your thoughts and/or questions in the comments below! And if you enjoyed this article, we'd greatly appreciate you sharing! :)

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